Deworld, a partner for your growth

Deworld is one the most influential consultancy company concerning international business in Italy.

Through our three offices in Italy, and our offices in London and Shanghai, we guarantee a high standard strategic consultancy service, which just few companies can offer.
Although recently established, our experience is deeply rooted in the twenty years professionalism of our managerial staff, composed by qualified, high profile in their respective sectors managers. Experience gained in big Italian and foreign companies, both industrial and business ones. Our approach, strategic and operative, allows Italian companies of every size to deal successfully with Export, and, at the same time, reduce the expenses with international partnerships through Import.

Our achievements has allowed us both to make agreements with some of the most important Italian institutions and trade associations, and both to provide incisive, and suitable for the market, services.
We are consecrated our core business in providing International Business services, supporting SME's and Larger Companies in Italy, in their growth on international markets.
To this we add further services, complementary and supplementary to the export, to offer critical point of view, operative contribution and incisive solutions in order to consider, maximize the ability to compete on an international level and to give birth to strategic projects.

Entrusting Deworld is the best choice for your company.


Deworld is a service business company addressed to increase the presence of Italian SMEs in the world. We give an international outsourcing office services, in other words: we take care of all the aspects and independently to find contact and manage yout customers abroad.


Creating a unique plan for the internationalization of the companies, we give a successful export methodology, at every level and in every market. Thanks to Deworld's service, any entrepreneur has the chance to create from scratch his foreign client portfolio with the export, and reducing stock expenses and breakage with the import.



  • 1. World Analysis of the sector
  • 2. Competitors Analysis
  • 3. Country selection
  • 4. New foreign clients contact and negotiation
  • 5. Clients management
  • 1. Company requirements analysis
  • 2. Partner research
  • 3. Selection made on reliability
  • 4. Saving Assessment on annual basis
  • 5. Purchase Internationalization
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