Luxury, an italian experience
the niche markets appreciated within and out of Europe

Italian luxury is already the top and two italian brands, the first for origin and style (Gucci), the other for the property too (Prada), win a place within the first 100 Best Global Brand 2016 (Interbrand Survey).

The Luxury (Fashion and Accessories) is the star in the Export Hitparade

In Europe the first market is Germany but outside we  aren't susprised to find China.

What is unexpected is the cultural changement of purchasing.

At one time Chinese loved the griffes, going to the detriment of niche products, instead today we  are revealing a new trend, Chinese prefer one of a kind stuff handmade.

How can we take on this new challenge?

It's impossiible to improvise.

"China should be still so far if we don't study the cultural dynamics from inside, that's why we have choosen some partners in Shangai with which interact creating the best conditions necessary for our clients" Mr Gaspare Cracolici, DeWorld CEO, sayd.

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