Since the beginning, Deworld’s business task has been to support the companies in the internationalization process, offering measurable and real results, and improving the starting conditions of our clients.

To make this possible, Deworld has inaugurated and established branches and representative offices in two of the world’s most important cities, London and Shanghai, crucial points of global trade.

Through the offices on site, we are able to offer a stronger presence on international markets, simplifying the Import and Export connections, and, especially, offering a better, and ad hoc, service to our clients and partners.

To date, Deworld is the first export consultancy company in Italy able to cover most of the crucial points of global commerce, and the only one to give a 360 degrees consultancy service with: import, export and accessory services.

Shanghai Central Plaza

Given last years' huge growth of the Chinese market, and the distance between the two countries, Deworld has inaugurated a representation office in Shanghai town center.

This will give the opportunity both to facilitate the relationships with big companies and Chinese buying groups ( more and more interested in the Made in Italy ), and both to obtain worth agreements for our customers' Import.

London Barbican Center

Situated in the City, that is one of most interesting and lively areas from the economic point of view, Deworld office is in the most crucial point of Europe's international trade.

Milan Cathedral

Few steps from Milan's Cathedral and Stock Market, Deworld's office is located in a central area of the city.

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